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AC Aeronet Access

aeronet200If you cannot access the AeroNet Portal, then you will need to contact Air Canada for a login and password. If you require further assistance in accessing the portal then contact Air Canada's Help Desk (operated by IBM) at 1-866-274-5444 (toll free) or 1-514-422-4357 (local Montreal area number).

Please note that (as with many sites) you have three tries in order to login with the correct password. After that, you will need to reset your password which can take hours. If you don't know your password, please don't guess. Just click on "Forgot your password".

Most active and retired employees have access to the Aeronet but some retirees may not have access due to special circumstances. If you have forgotten your password, and do have access, then click on "Forgot your password" below the log in fields and you will be prompted for your Employee ID, this must be your 6 digit number that is on your AC pay cheque or Pension slip with the initials "AC" before it. If you only had 5 numbers in your employee number just add a "0" to the beginning (i.e. - 12345 becomes AC012345).

 Aeronet Login help

Hope this helps all those with access problems. If you want to ask questions regarding this topic, click here for the Forums article where we can further assist if necessary.

The ACFN Team