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Claim Secure Access

claimsecureMany Air Canada retirees have recently been moved from SunLife to a new company called Claim Secure for their Medical and Dental Coverage. If you are having problems accessing Claime Secure, hopefully the following info will help.

You are presently required to log in to the ACaeronet before you can access Claim Secure, this authenticates to Claim Secure that you are eligible for the benefits provided and adds another security element to the process. Going to Claim Secure's web site directly doesn't seem to allow you to log in directly at this time.

So to start, click on the image below to access the ACaeronet


If you cannot access the AeroNet Portal, then you will need to contact Air Canada for a login and password. If you require further assistance in accessing the portal then contact Ar Canada's Help Desk at 1-866-274-5444 or 1-514-422-4357
Most active and retired employees have access but some retirees may not have access due to special circumstances. If you forgot your password. click on "Forgot your password" below the log in and it will prompt you for your Employee ID, this must be your 6 digit number that is on your AC pay cheque or Pension slip with AC before it. If you only had 5 numbers in your employee number just add a "0" to the beginning (i.e. - 12345 becomes AC012345).

Once in the ACAeronet Portal, click on the "My Retirement" tab for retirees or "My HR" for active employees. From there, in the right hand section click on the Claim Secure e_Profile for full access to the Claim Secure site. You may have to re-enter your UserID and Password again at this point.

Hope this helps all those with access problems. If you want to ask questions regarding this topic, click here for the Forums article where we can further assist if necessary.

The ACFN Team